How can bullying at work be resolved?

bullying at work can be well managed and resolved when the underlining reason for such act is quickly recognized and understood.

It is completely essential for staffs to stand up for themselves against varying bullying acts, and it is important to also report such occurrences to management superiors and then methodically document the incidences.

Checkmating and managing these issues come best from the top of the organization down.

The way to avoid bullying at workplaces is to establish and repeatedly support a strong, steady corporate culture that halts the predisposition to bully before the act ever begins.

The workplace management has to take the lead. Several establishments don't want to admit that bullying is occurring in their workplace – while it is. Note also that most of the bullying activity may be surreptitious and may not be perceptible to the corporation leadership until the damage has been long done.

Bullying can be broken down into the various typical categories which will aid employees and managers to recognize behaviors that are damaging to workplace efficiency.

· Interference of a colleague's performance, as well as rumor dissemination

· Hurtful bantering, name calling or pranks

· Coercion, causing self-imposed marginalization or coercing the victim to do something against his or her will